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Began collecting at around age 9 or 10 beginning with wheat cents searched from pocket change and rolls and placed into Whitman folders like so many others. Later added Roosevelt Dimes and Jefferson Nickels, and then expanded to Silver Dollars after my Grandfather gave me 20 random common date Morgan and Peace Dollars. My big purchase of those early collecting days was paying $15 for a GSA Hoard slightly toned random date CC Morgan Silver Dollar. It ended up being an 1882 CC that would later grade as an MS65 and also earn a CAC sticker. Shortly after that purchase as I hit High School my collection took a back seat to other things and basically collected dust for the next 35 years except for the occasional silver dime or quarter, or wheat cent that I would pull from change and add to the accumulating dust. This all changed about 12 years ago when I stumbled into a coin shop with the intention of purchasing some bullion for investment and a fire reignited my passion for Numismatics. Today, my interests include all Classic US coins, but I am especially interested in Type Collecting, Barber Coinage, Mercury Dimes and Silver Dollars. Love Gold too, but for budget reasons my Gold is mostly as part of my Type Collections.
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