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This group is for very attractive toning. There are a TON of average toned coins that exist with primarily earth tones (tan, brown, gray, black etc). There is nothing wrong with that but his group is not intended for that. If you wonder if your coin meets the standards, it very well may not.

The monthly Cover Image contest will typically open up as a PINNED POST for the last 3-5 days of a month so we do not use that top of page real estate for a pinned post the entire month. Votes (likes) can be done at any time. Yes, you can like more than one. They frequently deserve it. We will try to work with a monthly theme. August is US Coins, as mentioned in this month's pinned post. September will be World Coins.

I highly recommend everyone be a member of the Official MyCollect BST Group, if that is what interests you. However, this group is not the group to come into and post things for sale. When people are members of multiple groups and an item for sale gets posted in all of them it gets very Spammy when scrolling through the feed. No one needs that. Promoting items for sale or auctions of items in here will cause the post to be removed. If the problem persists then we can enable a post approval process...which no one wants.

Happy Posting & Let's See Some Awesome Toners!
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