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About MyCollect

MyCollect is About Five Things:

Connecting, interacting, learning, collecting, and competing in a safe environment run by collectors.

The Social Media Platform focused on Collectors and Collectibles

Interact with your fellow collectors and dealers, read the latest industry news, manage your inventory, build sets and compete with peers.

Company Pages, Articles on Any Subject - Learn

Follow collectibles companies and see every post, write an article on the subject of your choice, or read and learn from others.

Post Comments and Questions in Groups - Interact

Browse and Join Groups on the subject of your choice, from U.S. Coins to NEWPS to Australian Coins – and interact with other collectors, dealers and specialists. View every post in each group and don’t miss a thing.

Add your Inventory, Create MyCollect Sets - Compete

Effortlessly streamline your collection management. Upload images and videos. Add your coins to competitive sets. View the leaderboard.

Privacy – You’re in Complete Control

Choose whether to keep your coins private, share them with friends only, or let the public enjoy them. You are in complete control of privacy – including your posts, coins and sets you publish.


MyCollect is also the home of TheftCheck, the industry's centralized database of stolen coins, easily searchable by certification number.

And This is Just the Beginning

Stay tuned, as we add more Set definitions, more categories of collectibles and more features.

Join the MyCollect Team

We’re hiring in many areas – including customer support, technology, marketing and specialists in all collectibles.