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21st Century Type Set with Bullion and Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes, 2000-present
Member Sets: 15 | Required Coins: 33
Current Leaderboard
Mountain avatarMountainMountain's 21st Century Type Set84.8569.21public0
Tsevni2 avatarTsevni2JCRs 21 Century Type45.4568.73public1
GregsCoins avatarGregsCoinsGregsCoins's Complete U.S. Type Set39.3970.00public2
Risingsuncoins avatarRisingsuncoinsRising Sun Coins Complete Circ U.S 21th Type Set39.3968.77public3
arkjones avatarArkjonesArkjones's 21st Century Type Set33.3369.00public4
crispy_mofo avatarCrispy_mofoCrispy_mofo's 21st Century Type Set33.3367.41public5
adamdsmith avatarAdamdsmithThe Smith Collection 21st Century Type with Bullion and Commems27.2767.56public6
abpoe avatarAbpoeAbpoe's Complete U.S. Type Set24.2470.00public7
ClintonUSCoinNews avatarClintonUSCoinNewsUSCoinNews - Complete U.S. Type Set21.2168.57public8
Longacre59 avatarLongacre59JKM’s 21st Century Type Set w/Commem & Bullion, Circ Strikes15.1555.60public9
SharpStrikes avatarSharpStrikesSharpStrikes' 21st Century Type Set12.1270.00public10
JB3s_Coins avatarJB3s_CoinsJB3s_Coins's 21st Century Type Set9.0969.00public11
JasonNicholls avatarJasonNichollsJasonNicholls's Complete U.S. Type Set3.0369.00public12
Peppermint07 avatarPeppermint07Peppermint07's 21st Century Type Set3.031.00public13
dverdine avatarDverdineD.R.V. 21st Century U.S. Type Set00.00public14