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19th Century Type Set, Major Types with Gold, Circulation Strikes (1800-1899)
Member Sets: 16 | Required Coins: 53
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Mr_Spud avatarMr_SpudMr_Spud's 19th Century Type Set with Gold, Circulation Strikes81.1353.47public0
Longacre59 avatarLongacre59JKM’s 19th Century Type Set w/Gold, Circ Strikes79.2552.08public1
Tsevni2 avatarTsevni2JCR's 19th Century Type Set73.5854.24public2
Mountain avatarMountainMountain's 19th Century Type Set66.0452.60public3
GregsCoins avatarGregsCoinsGregsCoins's 19th Century Type Set49.0664.42public4
AndyK avatarAndyKAndyK's 19th Century Type Set26.4241.50public5
Vintagecollection1 avatarVintagecollection1Vintagecollection1's 19th Century Type Set11.3250.83public6
SharpStrikes avatarSharpStrikesSharpStrikes' 19th Century Type Set11.3236.83public7
Peppermint07 avatarPeppermint07Peppermint07's 19th Century Type Set11.3223.17public8
crispy_mofo avatarCrispy_mofoCrispy_mofo's 19th Century Type Set9.4346.20public9
ParkerCaudell avatarParkerCaudellParkerCaudell's 19th Century Type Set5.6643.33public10
TRMorgans avatarTRMorgansTRMorgans's 19th Century Type Set1.8967.50public11
MyBuddy avatarMyBuddyMyBuddy's 19th Century Type Set1.8964.50public12
arkjones avatarArkjonesArkjones's 19th Century Type Set1.8963.00public13
PhiladelphiaRareCoins avatarPhiladelphiaRareCoinsPhiladelphiaRareCoins's 19th Century Type Set00.00public14