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Mountain's Complete U.S. Type Set
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Set Completion
34 / 132
Missing Items
Total Points
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Left Facing, 1793No Coin Allocated8.00
364Liberty Cap Half Cent, Right Facing, 17941794 Liberty Cap Half Cent PCGS VG-10 BNVG-10 BN831558997.0PCGS1794Liberty Cap Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN011
312primary imageLiberty Cap Half Cent, Right Facing Small Head, 1795-17971797 Liberty Cap Half Cent 1 Above 1 Cohen 1 PCGS VG-10 BNVG-10 BN441903816.0PCGS1797Liberty Cap Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN1 Above 1 Cohen 1012
1890primary imageDraped Bust Half Cent1804 Draped Bust Half Cent Spiked Chin PCGS MS-63 BNMS-63 BN830620793.0PCGS1804Draped Bust Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBNSpiked Chin013
1331primary imageClassic Half Cent1832 Classic Half Cent PCGS MS-64 BNMS-64 BN432663292.0PCGS1832Classic Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN014
1478primary imageBraided Hair Half Cent1853 Braided Hair Half Cent PCGS MS-66 BNMS-66 BN221130902.0PCGS1853Braided Hair Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN015
Chain CentNo Coin Allocated9.06
147Wreath Cent1793 Wreath Cent Lettered Edge PCGS G-4 BNG-4 BN500632078.0PCGS1793Wreath Cent1cUnited StatesBNLettered Edge017
Liberty Cap Cent, Beaded Edge, 1793No Coin Allocated10.08
900primary imageLiberty Cap Cent, Denticle Edge, 1794-17961794 Liberty Cap Cent Head of 1794 PCGS VF-25 BNVF-25 BN372799406.0PCGS1794Liberty Cap Cent1cUnited StatesBNHead of 1794019
1056Draped Bust Cent1798 Draped Bust Cent 1st Hair Style PCGS XF-40 BNXF-40 BN66514364.0PCGS1798Draped Bust Cent1cUnited StatesBN1st Hair Style0110
1320Classic Cent1810 Classic Cent PCGS XF-40 BNXF-40 BN47577855.0PCGS1810Classic Cent1cUnited StatesBN0111
1404primary imageMatron Cent1833 Matron Cent PCGS MS-65 BNMS-65 BN425090712.0PCGS1833Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBN0112
5Braided Hair Cent1851 Braided Hair Cent PCGS Genuine159567492.0PCGS1851Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN0113
1414Flying Eagle Cent1857 Flying Eagle Cent PCGS MS-64 (CAC Green)MS-64274323922.0PCGSCAC1857Flying Eagle Cent1cUnited States0114
1331primary imageIndian Cent, Copper Nickel No Shield, 18591859 Indian Cent PCGS MS-64MS-64349273652.0PCGS1859Indian Cent1cUnited States0115
1404Indian Cent, Copper Nickel, 1860-18641863 Indian Cent PCGS MS-65MS-6540248732.0PCGS1863Indian Cent1cUnited States0116
850primary imageIndian Cent, Bronze, 1864-19091898 Indian Cent PCGS MS-66 RBMS-66 RB356017151.0PCGS1898Indian Cent1cUnited StatesRB0117
1049Lincoln Cent, Wheat Reverse, 1909-19581930 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS-67 RDMS-67 RD851001511.0PCGS1930Lincoln Cent1cUnited StatesRD0118
Lincoln Cent, Memorial Reverse, 1959-1964No Coin Allocated1.019
973primary imageTwo-Cent Piece1864 Two-Cent Piece Large Motto PCGS MS-65+ RDMS-65+ RD414452881.0PCGS1864Two-Cent Piece2cUnited StatesRDLarge Motto0120
1404Silver Three-Cent Piece, Type 1, 1851-18531851-O Silver Three-Cent Piece PCGS MS-65MS-65500925432.0PCGS1851Silver Three-Cent Piece3csOUnited States0121
1404primary imageSilver Three-Cent Piece, Type 2, 1854-18581858 Silver Three-Cent Piece PCGS MS-65MS-65260367202.0PCGS1858Silver Three-Cent Piece3csUnited States0122
1478Silver Three-Cent Piece, Type 3, 1859-18721862 Silver Three-Cent Piece PCGS MS-66MS-6628074802.0PCGS1862Silver Three-Cent Piece3csUnited States0123
702Nickel Three-Cent Piece1865 Nickel Three-Cent Piece PCGS MS-65MS-65256591501.0PCGS1865Nickel Three-Cent Piece3cnUnited States0124
1190Shield Nickel, Rays, 1866-18671867 Shield Nickel Rays PCGS MS-62MS-62337721102.0PCGS1867Shield Nickel5cUnited StatesRays0125
1531primary imageShield Nickel, No Rays, 1867-18831873 Shield Nickel Open 3 PCGS MS-65+ (CAC Green)MS-65+381428322.0PCGSCAC1873Shield Nickel5cUnited StatesOpen 30126
739Liberty Nickel, No Cents, 18831883 Liberty Nickel No CENTS PCGS MS-66MS-66264797191.0PCGS1883Liberty Nickel5cUnited StatesNo CENTS0127
739primary imageLiberty Nickel, With Cents, 1883-19131897 Liberty Nickel PCGS MS-66MS-66274019811.0PCGS1897Liberty Nickel5cUnited States0128
777primary imageBuffalo Nickel, Type 1, 19131913 Buffalo Nickel Type 1 PCGS MS-67MS-67380016531.0PCGS1913Buffalo Nickel5cUnited StatesType 10129
777Buffalo Nickel, Type 2, 1913-19381936 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS-67MS-67319389571.0PCGS1936Buffalo Nickel5cUnited States0130
777Jefferson Nickel, 1938-19641938-S Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-67MS-67467715521.0PCGS1938Jefferson Nickel5cSUnited States0131
996primary imageJefferson Nickel, Silver Alloy, 1942-19451943-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-67+ FSMS-67+ FS379063461.0PCGS1943Jefferson Nickel5cDUnited StatesFS0132
Flowing Hair Half Dime/Half Disme, 1792No Coin Allocated9.033
2014Flowing Hair Half Dime, 1794-17951795 Flowing Hair Half Dime PCGS AU-53AU-53309153675.0PCGS1795Flowing Hair Half DimeH10cUnited States0134
389Draped Bust Half Dime, Small Eagle, 1796-17971797 Draped Bust Half Dime 13 Stars PCGS F-12F-12241814686.0PCGS1797Draped Bust Half DimeH10cUnited States13 Stars0135
240primary imageDraped Bust Half Dime, Large Eagle, 1800-18051803 Draped Bust Half Dime Large 8 PCGS VG-8VG-8900278566.0PCGS1803Draped Bust Half DimeH10cUnited StatesLarge 80136
1331Capped Bust Half Dime1832 Capped Bust Half Dime PCGS MS-64MS-64839927762.0PCGS1832Capped Bust Half DimeH10cUnited States0137
2218primary imageSeated Liberty Half Dime, No Stars, 1837-18381837 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Stars, Small Date PCGS MS-66MS-66442261173.0PCGS1837Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited StatesNo Stars, Small Date0138
1331primary imageSeated Liberty Half Dime, No Drapery, 1838-18401838 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Drapery, Small Stars PCGS MS-64MS-64453294442.0PCGS1838Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited StatesNo Drapery, Small Stars0139
1571Seated Liberty Half Dime, Drapery, 1840-18591850 Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66328847992.0PCGSCAC1850Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited States0140
1331Seated Liberty Half Dime, Arrows, 1853-18551853 Seated Liberty Half Dime Arrows PCGS MS-64MS-64808605412.0PCGS1853Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited StatesArrows0141
1478Seated Liberty Half Dime, Legend, 1860-18731862 Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS MS-66MS-66374769592.0PCGS1862Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited States0142
Draped Bust Dime, Small Eagle, 1796-1797No Coin Allocated7.043
580primary imageDraped Bust Dime, Large Eagle, 1798-18071801 Draped Bust Dime PCGS VF-20VF-20450006015.0PCGS1801Draped Bust Dime10cUnited States0144
918Capped Bust Dime, Large Denticles, 1809-18281814 Capped Bust Dime JR-3 Large Date PCGS XF-45XF-45341985413.0PCGS1814Capped Bust Dime10cUnited StatesJR-3 Large Date0145
1462Capped Bust Dime, Small Denticles, 1828-18371834 Capped Bust Dime Large 4 PCGS AU-58AU-58830126853.0PCGS1834Capped Bust Dime10cUnited StatesLarge 40146
918Seated Liberty Dime, No Stars, 1837-18381838-O Seated Liberty Dime No Stars PCGS XF-45XF-45817521083.0PCGS1838Seated Liberty Dime10cOUnited StatesNo Stars0147
806Seated Liberty Dime, No Drapery, 1838-18401838 Seated Liberty Dime No Drapery. Large Stars PCGS AU-53AU-5396000892.0PCGS1838Seated Liberty Dime10cUnited StatesNo Drapery. Large Stars0148
974primary imageSeated Liberty Dime, Drapery, 1840-18601852 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS AU-58AU-58420970022.0PCGS1852Seated Liberty Dime10cUnited States0149
1331Seated Liberty Dime, Arrows, 1853-18551853 Seated Liberty Dime Arrows PCGS MS-64MS-64298843912.0PCGS1853Seated Liberty Dime10cUnited StatesArrows0150
1478Seated Liberty Dime, Legend, 1860-18911885 Seated Liberty Dime PCGS MS-66MS-66324723362.0PCGS1885Seated Liberty Dime10cUnited States0151
1122Seated Liberty Dime, Arrows, 1873-18741874 Seated Liberty Dime Arrows PCGS MS-61MS-61322288272.0PCGS1874Seated Liberty Dime10cUnited StatesArrows0152
739Barber Dime1892 Barber Dime PCGS MS-66MS-66355707471.0PCGS1892Barber Dime10cUnited States0153
996Mercury Dime1944-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS-67+ FBMS-67+ FB806188451.0PCGS1944Mercury Dime10cDUnited StatesFB0154
Roosevelt DimeNo Coin Allocated1.055
630Twenty-Cent Piece1875-S Twenty-Cent Piece PCGS MS-63MS-63340101981.0PCGS1875Twenty-Cent Piece20cSUnited States0156
Draped Bust Quarter, Small Eagle, 1796No Coin Allocated8.057
260Draped Bust Quarter, Large Eagle, 1804-18071805 Draped Bust Quarter PCGS VG-10VG-10339500425.0PCGS1805Draped Bust Quarter25cUnited States0158
600Capped Bust Quarter, Large Size, 1815-18281820 Capped Bust Quarter Small 0 PCGS VF-25VF-25107663934.0PCGS1820Capped Bust Quarter25cUnited StatesSmall 00159
1611Capped Bust Quarter, Small Size, 1831-18381834 Capped Bust Quarter PCGS AU-53AU-53817573694.0PCGS1834Capped Bust Quarter25cUnited States0160
744Seated Liberty Quarter, No Drapery, 1838-18401838 Seated Liberty Quarter No Drapery PCGS VF-30VF-30273815434.0PCGS1838Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesNo Drapery0161
1260Seated Liberty Quarter, No Motto, 1840-18651856 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS MS-63MS-6365554592.0PCGS1856Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited States0162
1208Seated Liberty Quarter, Arrows and Rays, 18531853 Seated Liberty Quarter Arrows and Rays PCGS AU-53AU-53135275163.0PCGS1853Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesArrows and Rays0163
974Seated Liberty Quarter, No Motto, 1854-18551855 Seated Liberty Quarter Arrows PCGS AU-58AU-58331829002.0PCGS1855Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesArrows0164
1331Seated Liberty Quarter, With Motto, 1866-18911877 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS MS-64MS-64252074212.0PCGS1877Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited States0165
1320Seated Liberty Quarter, Motto and Arrows, 1873-18741874 Seated Liberty Quarter Arrows PCGS AU-55AU-55291775783.0PCGS1874Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesArrows0166
1404Barber Quarter1900 Barber Quarter PCGS MS-65MS-65298934662.0PCGS1900Barber Quarter25cUnited States0167
1755primary imageStanding Liberty Quarter, Type 1, 1916-19171917 Standing Liberty Quarter Type 1 PCGS MS-65 FHMS-65 FH455237852.0PCGS1917Standing Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesFHType 10168
630Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 2, 1917-19301918 Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS MS-63MS-63467054621.0PCGS1918Standing Liberty Quarter25cUnited States0169
702Washington Quarter, 1932-19641959-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS-65MS-6579201671.0PCGS1959Washington Quarter25cDUnited States0170
588Flowing Hair Half Dollar1795 Flowing Hair Half Dollar PCGS F-15F-15343487437.0PCGS1795Flowing Hair Half Dollar50cUnited States0171
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Small Eagle, 1796-1797No Coin Allocated9.072
930Draped Bust Half Dollar, Large Eagle, 1801-18071807 Draped Bust Half Dollar PCGS VF-30VF-30315621855.0PCGS1807Draped Bust Half Dollar50cUnited States0173
1320Capped Bust Half Dollar, Half Dollar, 1838-18391839 Capped Bust Half Dollar Reeded Edge PCGS AU-55AU-55344304213.0PCGS1839Capped Bust Half Dollar50cUnited StatesReeded Edge0174
1890Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge, 1807-18361829 Capped Bust Half Dollar PCGS MS-63MS-63250360533.0PCGS1829Capped Bust Half Dollar50cUnited States0175
1320Capped Bust Half Dollar, Reeded Edge , 1836-18371837 Capped Bust Half Dollar Reeded Edge PCGS AU-55AU-55342378473.0PCGS1837Capped Bust Half Dollar50cUnited StatesReeded Edge0176
1800Seated Liberty Half Dollar, No Drapery, 18391839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar No Drapery PCGS AU-50AU-50114702335.0PCGS1839Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited StatesNo Drapery0177
1265Seated Liberty Half Dollar, No Motto, 1839-19661857 Seated Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-62 (CAC Green)MS-62343298832.0PCGSCAC1857Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited States0178
558Seated Liberty Half Dollar, No Arrows and Rays, 18531853-O Seated Liberty Half Dollar Arrows and Rays PCGS VF-30VF-30322151743.0PCGS1853Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cOUnited StatesArrows and Rays0179
1786primary imageSeated Liberty Half Dollar, Arrows, 1854-18551854 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Arrows PCGS MS-62MS-62378453953.0PCGS1854Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited StatesArrows0180
1260Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Motto, 1866-18911877-S Seated Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-63MS-63109637022.0PCGS1877Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cSUnited States0181
1786Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Arrows, 1873-741874 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Arrows PCGS MS-62MS-62346193853.0PCGS1874Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited StatesArrows0182
746primary imageBarber Half Dollar1908-D Barber Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65387017361.0PCGSCAC1908Barber Half Dollar50cDUnited States0183
777Walking Liberty Half Dollar1939 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS MS-67MS-67374778201.0PCGS1939Walking Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited States0184
758Franklin Half Dollar1958-D Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ FBLMS-66+ FBL256220141.0PCGS1958Franklin Half Dollar50cDUnited StatesFBL0185
758Kennedy Half Dollar, 19641964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Doubled Die Obverse FS-101 PCGS MS-66+MS-66+816384151.0PCGS1964Kennedy Half Dollar50cDUnited StatesDoubled Die Obverse FS-1010186
Flowing Hair Silver DollarNo Coin Allocated8.087
Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Small Eagle, 1795-1798No Coin Allocated7.088
504Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Large Eagle, 1798-18041800 Draped Bust Silver Dollar Wide Date, Low 8 PCGS F-15F-1587063016.0PCGS1800Draped Bust Silver Dollar$1United StatesWide Date, Low 80189
1440primary imageSeated Liberty Silver Dollar, No Motto 1840-18651860-O Seated Liberty Silver Dollar PCGS AU-50AU-50359226984.0PCGS1860Seated Liberty Silver Dollar$1 OUnited States0190
1224Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, Motto 1866-18731871 Seated Liberty Silver Dollar PCGS XF-45XF-45357939514.0PCGS1871Seated Liberty Silver Dollar$1 United States0191
1890Trade Silver Dollar1873 Trade Silver Dollar PCGS MS-63MS-63338954703.0PCGS1873Trade Silver Dollar$1 United States0192
666Morgan Silver Dollar1898-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-64MS-64109488951.0PCGS1898Morgan Silver Dollar$1 OUnited States0193
1414Peace Silver Dollar, High Relief, 19211921 Peace Silver Dollar High Relief PCGS MS-64 (CAC Green)MS-64344015912.0PCGSCAC1921Peace Silver Dollar$1 United StatesHigh Relief0194
739Peace Silver Dollar, Low Relief, 1922-19351923 Peace Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66MS-6659389151.0PCGS1923Peace Silver Dollar$1 United States0195
1190Liberty Gold Dollar, Type 1, 1849-18541853 Liberty Gold Dollar PCGS MS-62MS-6258990902.0PCGS1853Liberty Gold Dollar$1 United States0196
1320Indian Princess Gold Dollar, Type 2, 1954-18561854 Indian Princess Gold Dollar Type 2 PCGS AU-55AU-55279080793.0PCGS1854Indian Princess Gold Dollar$1 United StatesType 20197
1190primary imageIndian Princess Gold Dollar, Type 3, 1856-18891862 Indian Princess Gold Dollar PCGS MS-62MS-62437114582.0PCGS1862Indian Princess Gold Dollar$1 United States0198
Capped Bust Right Gold Quarter Eagle, No Stars, 1796No Coin Allocated9.099
Capped Bust Right Gold Quarter Eagle, Stars, 1796-1807No Coin Allocated7.0100
Capped Bust Left Gold Quarter Eagle, 1808No Coin Allocated9.0101
Capped Head Gold Quarter Eagle, Large Denticles, 1821-1827No Coin Allocated7.0102
Capped Head Gold Quarter Eagle, Small Denticles, 1829-1834No Coin Allocated6.0103
Classic Gold Quarter EagleNo Coin Allocated4.0104
1890Indian Gold Quarter Eagle1927 Indian Gold Quarter Eagle PCGS MS-63MS-63829356873.0PCGS1927Indian Gold Quarter Eagle$2.50 United States01105
1331Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle1904 Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle PCGS MS-64MS-64822680652.0PCGS1904Liberty Gold Quarter Eagle$2.50 United States01106
1440Three-Dollar Gold Piece1854 Three-Dollar Gold Piece PCGS AU-50AU-50341206844.0PCGS1854Three-Dollar Gold Piece$3 United States01107
Capped Bust Right Gold Half Eagle, Small Eagle, 1795-1798No Coin Allocated8.0108
Capped Bust Right Gold Half Eagle, Large Eagle, 1795-1807No Coin Allocated6.0109
Capped Bust Left Gold Half Eagle, Large Bust, 1807-1812No Coin Allocated6.0110
Capped Head Gold Half Eagle, Small Bust, Large Size, 1813-1829No Coin Allocated6.0111
Capped Head Gold Half Eagle, Small Bust, Small Size, 1829-1834No Coin Allocated8.0112
Classic Head Gold Half EagleNo Coin Allocated4.0113
1684Indian Gold Half Eagle1910 Indian Gold Half Eagle PCGS MS-61MS-61270029363.0PCGS1910Indian Gold Half Eagle$5 United States01114
792Liberty Gold Half Eagle, No Motto, 1834-18661857 Liberty Gold Half Eagle PCGS XF-40XF-40415225893.0PCGS1857Liberty Gold Half Eagle$5 United States01115
1890Liberty Gold Half Eagle, Motto, 1866-19081899 Liberty Gold Half Eagle PCGS MS-63MS-63324352603.0PCGS1899Liberty Gold Half Eagle$5 United States01116
Capped Bust Gold Eagle, Small Eagle, 1785-1787No Coin Allocated8.0117
Capped Bust Gold Eagle, Large Eagle, 1787-1804No Coin Allocated7.0118
Liberty Gold Eagle, No Motto Covered Ear, 1838-1839No Coin Allocated7.0119
Liberty Gold Eagle, No Motto, 1840-1866No Coin Allocated4.0120
1786Liberty Gold Eagle, With Motto, 1866-19071880-S Liberty Gold Eagle PCGS MS-62MS-62837119283.0PCGS1880Liberty Gold Eagle$10 SUnited States01121
Indian Gold Eagle, Rolled Edge, 1907No Coin Allocated7.0122
Indian Gold Eagle, Wire Edge, 1907No Coin Allocated3.0123
Indian Gold Eagle, No Motto, 1907-1908No Coin Allocated3.0124
Indian Gold Eagle, Motto, 1908-1933No Coin Allocated3.0125
Liberty Gold Double Eagle, No Motto 1850-1866No Coin Allocated4.0126
1684Liberty Gold Double Eagle, With Motto, 1866-18761873 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Open 3 PCGS MS-61MS-61357034093.0PCGS1873Liberty Gold Double Eagle$20 United StatesOpen 301127
1056Liberty Gold Double Eagle, Twenty Dollars, 1877-19071906-D Liberty Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS-60MS-6050290732.0PCGS1906Liberty Gold Double Eagle$20 DUnited States01128
Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, High Relief, 1907No Coin Allocated6.0129
Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, No Motto, 1907-1908No Coin Allocated4.0130
1331Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, Motto, 1908-19331927 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle PCGS MS-64MS-64357939482.0PCGS1927Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle$20 United States01131