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The Tedeschi Collection (All CAC)
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3142primary imageWorld Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter1893 World Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66217230594.0PCGSCAC1893World Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter25cUnited States010
2238Alabama Centennial Half Dollar1921 Alabama Centennial Half Dollar 2x2 PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65839041523.0PCGSCAC1921Alabama Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States2x2011
3142primary imageAlbany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar1936 Albany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66467726614.0PCGSCAC1936Albany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States012
2356Arkansas - Robinson Centennial Half Dollar1936 Arkansas Centennial--Robinson Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66378093523.0PCGSCAC1936Arkansas Centennial--Robinson Half Dollar50cUnited States013
785primary imageArkansas Centennial Half Dollar1935 Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66392900611.0PCGSCAC1935Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States014
3385primary imageBattle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar1937 Battle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+455407484.0PCGSCAC1937Battle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States015
1652primary imageBattle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar1936 Battle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67454562242.0PCGSCAC1936Battle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States016
785Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar1949-S Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66333163931.0PCGSCAC1949Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar50cSUnited States017
3142Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar1936 Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66221043344.0PCGSCAC1936Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States018
1571primary imageCalifornia Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar1925-S California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66387324412.0PCGSCAC1925California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar50cSUnited States019
785primary imageCarver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar1952-S Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66454442201.0PCGSCAC1952Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar50cSUnited States0110
3142Cincinnati Music Center Half Dollar1936-D Cincinnati Music Center Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66387079104.0PCGSCAC1936Cincinnati Music Center Half Dollar50cDUnited States0111
1571Cleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar1936 Cleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66842710552.0PCGSCAC1936Cleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar50cUnited States0112
1652Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1936 Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67260884122.0PCGSCAC1936Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0113
3142Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar1935 Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66218454314.0PCGSCAC1935Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0114
805primary imageDaniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar1937 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+387259751.0PCGSCAC1937Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0115
2356Delaware Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 Delaware Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66180635423.0PCGSCAC1936Delaware Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0116
1652primary imageElgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar1936 Elgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67392639582.0PCGSCAC1936Elgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0117
3142Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar1925 Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66027416664.0PCGSCAC1925Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0118
1571primary imageGrant Memorial Half Dollar1922 Grant Memorial Half Dollar No Star PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66388189332.0PCGSCAC1922Grant Memorial Half Dollar50cUnited StatesNo Star0119
3632primary imageHawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1928 Hawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-64+ (CAC Green)MS-64+817865015.0PCGSCAC1928Hawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0120
3927primary imageHudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1935 Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66392900585.0PCGSCAC1935Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0121
2356primary imageHuguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar1924 Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66357019473.0PCGSCAC1924Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0122
826primary imageIowa Centennial Half Dollar1946 Iowa Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67475529601.0PCGSCAC1946Iowa Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0123
2356Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1925 Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66273115103.0PCGSCAC1925Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0124
1492primary imageLincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar1918 Lincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65467227592.0PCGSCAC1918Lincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0125
1571primary imageLong Island Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 Long Island Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66361305072.0PCGSCAC1936Long Island Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0126
3142Lynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1936 Lynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66219076274.0PCGSCAC1936Lynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0127
2356Maine Centennial Half Dollar1920 Maine Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66339354253.0PCGSCAC1920Maine Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0128
2356Maryland Tercentenary Half Dollar1934 Maryland Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66104424303.0PCGSCAC1934Maryland Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0129
2984primary imageMissouri Centennial Half Dollar1921 Missouri Centennial Half Dollar 2x4 PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65187517744.0PCGSCAC1921Missouri Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States2x40130
2984Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar1923-S Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65046577814.0PCGSCAC1923Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar50cSUnited States0131
3142New Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar1938 New Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66217968444.0PCGSCAC1938New Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States0132
3142Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar1936 Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66303101584.0PCGSCAC1936Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0133
3142Old Spanish Trail Half Dollar1935 Old Spanish Trail Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66253929394.0PCGSCAC1935Old Spanish Trail Half Dollar50cUnited States0134
846primary imageOregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar1938-S Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+475029041.0PCGSCAC1938Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar50cSUnited States0135
3162Panama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-62 (CAC Green)MS-62334147595.0PCGSCAC1915Panama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar50cSUnited States0136
785Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar1920 Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66829509731.0PCGSCAC1920Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0137
785Providence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar1936-S Providence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66123796001.0PCGSCAC1936Providence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar50cSUnited States0138
1652Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar1937 Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67221100812.0PCGSCAC1937Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States0139
826primary imageSan Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar1935-S San Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67256856241.0PCGSCAC1935San Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar50cSUnited States0140
1571primary imageSan-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar1936-S San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66454875472.0PCGSCAC1936San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar50cSUnited States0141
2179Sesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar PCGS MS-64+ (CAC Green)MS-64+066391603.0PCGSCAC1926Sesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar50cUnited States0142
746Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65130555441.0PCGSCAC1925Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar50cUnited States0143
826primary imageTexas Centennial Half Dollar1936-D Texas Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67463658441.0PCGSCAC1936Texas Centennial Half Dollar50cDUnited States0144
3142Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66328937004.0PCGSCAC1927Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0145
1652primary imageWisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67453179152.0PCGSCAC1936Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0146
805primary imageWorld Columbian Exposition Half Dollar1892 World Columbian Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+454223901.0PCGSCAC1892World Columbian Exposition Half Dollar50cUnited States0147
1652primary imageYork County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 York County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67356871602.0PCGSCAC1936York County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0148
3162primary imageLafayette Dollar1900 Lafayette Dollar PCGS MS-62 (CAC Green)MS-62361034235.0PCGSCAC1900Lafayette Dollar$1 United States0149