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Winesteven's Silver Commemorative Set - 100% CAC, 33 coins (66%) w/Pluses
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Every coin has a CAC sticker.
33 coins (66%) have plus grades.

If you like toned coins with rainbow colors, look elsewhere. I prefer highly lustrous blast white coins that look the way the designers envisioned them as they came off the press. Have they been dipped? Absolutely, but apparently gently enough that they each still merit CAC stickers!
3222primary imageWorld Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter1893 World Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+256007974.0PCGSCAC1893World Columbian Exposition, Isabella Quarter25cUnited States010
2356primary imageAlabama Centennial Half Dollar1921 Alabama Centennial Half Dollar 2x2 PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66256806423.0PCGSCAC1921Alabama Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States2x2011
3142primary imageAlbany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar1936 Albany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66060020354.0PCGSCAC1936Albany, New York, Charter Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States012
2416primary imageArkansas - Robinson Centennial Half Dollar1936 Arkansas Centennial--Robinson Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+388157043.0PCGSCAC1936Arkansas Centennial--Robinson Half Dollar50cUnited States013
785primary imageArkansas Centennial Half Dollar1937-S Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66849411731.0PCGSCAC1937Arkansas Centennial Half Dollar50cSUnited States014
3385primary imageBattle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar1937 Battle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+374960064.0PCGSCAC1937Battle of Antietam 75th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States015
1571primary imageBattle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar1936 Battle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66387353952.0PCGSCAC1936Battle of Gettysburg 75th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States016
826primary imageBooker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar1949-S Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67377220961.0PCGSCAC1949Booker T. Washington Memorial Half Dollar50cSUnited States017
3222primary imageBridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar1936 Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+362466134.0PCGSCAC1936Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States018
1652primary imageCalifornia Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar1925-S California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67215408202.0PCGSCAC1925California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar50cSUnited States019
805primary imageCarver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar1954 Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+374033271.0PCGSCAC1954Carver/Washington Commemorative Half Dollar50cUnited States0110
3222primary imageCincinnati Music Center Half Dollar1936-D Cincinnati Music Center Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+398376804.0PCGSCAC1936Cincinnati Music Center Half Dollar50cDUnited States0111
1611primary imageCleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar1936 Cleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+294880802.0PCGSCAC1936Cleveland Centennial/Great Lakes Exposition Half Dollar50cUnited States0112
1652primary imageColumbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1936-D Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67388163852.0PCGSCAC1936Columbia, South Carolina, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cDUnited States0113
3222primary imageConnecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar1935 Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+363036074.0PCGSCAC1935Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0114
826primary imageDaniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar1936-S Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67377053261.0PCGSCAC1936Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar50cSUnited States0115
2477primary imageDelaware Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 Delaware Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67378087713.0PCGSCAC1936Delaware Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0116
1652primary imageElgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar1936 Elgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67364743492.0PCGSCAC1936Elgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0117
3222primary imageFort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar1925 Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+826283604.0PCGSCAC1925Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0118
1611primary imageGrant Memorial Half Dollar1922 Grant Memorial Half Dollar No Star PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+384322892.0PCGSCAC1922Grant Memorial Half Dollar50cUnited StatesNo Star0119
3927primary imageHawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1928 Hawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66068084525.0PCGSCAC1928Hawaiian Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0120
4027primary imageHudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1935 Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+381719305.0PCGSCAC1935Hudson, New York, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0121
2416primary imageHuguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar1924 Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+826865043.0PCGSCAC1924Huguenot-Walloon Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0122
846primary imageIowa Centennial Half Dollar1946 Iowa Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+253438651.0PCGSCAC1946Iowa Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0123
2416primary imageLexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1925 Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+389960453.0PCGSCAC1925Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0124
1611primary imageLincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar1918 Lincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+382975482.0PCGSCAC1918Lincoln-Illinois Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0125
1571primary imageLong Island Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 Long Island Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66340585082.0PCGSCAC1936Long Island Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0126
2984primary imageLynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1936 Lynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65 (CAC Green)MS-65064840024.0PCGSCAC1936Lynchburg, Virginia, Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0127
2416primary imageMaine Centennial Half Dollar1920 Maine Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+383347223.0PCGSCAC1920Maine Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0128
2477primary imageMaryland Tercentenary Half Dollar1934 Maryland Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67392038393.0PCGSCAC1934Maryland Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0129
3062primary imageMissouri Centennial Half Dollar1921 Missouri Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65+ (CAC Green)MS-65+097038214.0PCGSCAC1921Missouri Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0130
3062primary imageMonroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar1923-S Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-65+ (CAC Green)MS-65+371078454.0PCGSCAC1923Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar50cSUnited States0131
3385primary imageNew Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar1938 New Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+363902404.0PCGSCAC1938New Rochelle, New York, 250th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States0132
3468primary imageNorfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar1936 Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-68 (CAC Green)MS-68378417314.0PCGSCAC1936Norfolk, Virginia, Bicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0133
3222primary imageOld Spanish Trail Half Dollar1935 Old Spanish Trail Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+373050204.0PCGSCAC1935Old Spanish Trail Half Dollar50cUnited States0134
846primary imageOregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar1937-D Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+370009931.0PCGSCAC1937Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar50cDUnited States0135
4027primary imagePanama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar1915-S Panama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+601689905.0PCGSCAC1915Panama-Pacific Exposition Half Dollar50cSUnited States0136
805primary imagePilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar1921 Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+355724981.0PCGSCAC1921Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0137
826primary imageProvidence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar1936-D Providence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67380280021.0PCGSCAC1936Providence, Rhode Island Tercentenary Half Dollar50cDUnited States0138
1693primary imageRoanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar1937 Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+812825162.0PCGSCAC1937Roanoke Island, North Carolina, 350th Anniversary Half Dollar50cUnited States0139
805primary imageSan Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar1935-S San Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+217046651.0PCGSCAC1935San Diego, California Pacific International Exposition Half Dollar50cSUnited States0140
1611primary imageSan-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar1936-S San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+381938052.0PCGSCAC1936San-Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Opening Half Dollar50cSUnited States0141
2297primary imageSesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar1926 Sesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar PCGS MS-65+ (CAC Green)MS-65+068393043.0PCGSCAC1926Sesquicentennial of American Independence Half Dollar50cUnited States0142
826primary imageStone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar1925 Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67367616341.0PCGSCAC1925Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar50cUnited States0143
846primary imageTexas Centennial Half Dollar1935 Texas Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+383038781.0PCGSCAC1935Texas Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0144
3222primary imageVermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar1927 Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+373762374.0PCGSCAC1927Vermont Sesquicentennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0145
1693primary imageWisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar1936 Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+364726262.0PCGSCAC1936Wisconsin Territorial Centennial Half Dollar50cUnited States0146
805primary imageWorld Columbian Exposition Half Dollar1893 World Columbian Exposition Half Dollar PCGS MS-66+ (CAC Green)MS-66+379987181.0PCGSCAC1893World Columbian Exposition Half Dollar50cUnited States0147
1693primary imageYork County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar1936 York County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar PCGS MS-67+ (CAC Green)MS-67+378641922.0PCGSCAC1936York County, Maine, Tercentenary Half Dollar50cUnited States0148
3632primary imageLafayette Dollar1900 Lafayette Dollar PCGS MS-64+ (CAC Green)MS-64+250643795.0PCGSCAC1900Lafayette Dollar$1 United States0149