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Set Rank
Set Completion
92 / 96
Missing Items
Total Points
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Left Facing, 1793No Coin Allocated8.00
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Right Facing, 1794No Coin Allocated7.01
Liberty Cap Half Cent, Right Facing Small Head, 1795-1797No Coin Allocated6.02
Draped Bust Half CentNo Coin Allocated3.03
Classic Half CentNo Coin Allocated2.04
Braided Hair Half CentNo Coin Allocated2.05
Chain CentNo Coin Allocated9.06
Wreath CentNo Coin Allocated8.07
Liberty Cap Cent, Beaded Edge, 1793No Coin Allocated10.08
Liberty Cap Cent, Denticle Edge, 1794-1796No Coin Allocated6.09
Draped Bust CentNo Coin Allocated4.010
Classic CentNo Coin Allocated5.011
Matron CentNo Coin Allocated2.012
Braided Hair CentNo Coin Allocated2.013
Flying Eagle CentNo Coin Allocated2.014
Indian Cent, Copper Nickel No Shield, 1859No Coin Allocated3.015
Indian Cent, Copper Nickel, 1860-1864No Coin Allocated2.016
Indian Cent, Bronze, 1864-1909No Coin Allocated1.017
Lincoln Cent, Wheat Reverse, 1909-1958No Coin Allocated1.018
Lincoln Cent, Memorial Reverse, 1959-1964No Coin Allocated1.019
Two-Cent PieceNo Coin Allocated1.020
Silver Three-Cent Piece, Type 1, 1851-1853No Coin Allocated2.021
Silver Three-Cent Piece, Type 2, 1854-1858No Coin Allocated2.022
Silver Three-Cent Piece, Type 3, 1859-1872No Coin Allocated1.023
Nickel Three-Cent PieceNo Coin Allocated1.024
Shield Nickel, Rays, 1866-1867No Coin Allocated2.025
Shield Nickel, No Rays, 1867-1883No Coin Allocated1.026
Liberty Nickel, No Cents, 1883No Coin Allocated1.027
Liberty Nickel, With Cents, 1883-1913No Coin Allocated1.028
Buffalo Nickel, Type 1, 1913No Coin Allocated1.029
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2, 1913-1938No Coin Allocated1.030
Jefferson Nickel, 1938-1964No Coin Allocated1.031
Jefferson Nickel, Silver Alloy, 1942-1945No Coin Allocated1.032
Flowing Hair Half Dime/Half Disme, 1792No Coin Allocated9.033
Flowing Hair Half Dime, 1794-1795No Coin Allocated5.034
Draped Bust Half Dime, Small Eagle, 1796-1797No Coin Allocated6.035
Draped Bust Half Dime, Large Eagle, 1800-1805No Coin Allocated6.036
Capped Bust Half DimeNo Coin Allocated2.037
918primary imageSeated Liberty Half Dime, No Stars, 1837-18381837 Seated Liberty Half Dime No Stars, Large Date PCGS XF-45XF-45264737523.0PCGS1837Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited StatesNo Stars, Large Date0138
Seated Liberty Half Dime, No Drapery, 1838-1840No Coin Allocated2.039
Seated Liberty Half Dime, Drapery, 1840-1859No Coin Allocated2.040
Seated Liberty Half Dime, Arrows, 1853-1855No Coin Allocated2.041
Seated Liberty Half Dime, Legend, 1860-1873No Coin Allocated2.042
Draped Bust Dime, Small Eagle, 1796-1797No Coin Allocated7.043
Draped Bust Dime, Large Eagle, 1798-1807No Coin Allocated5.044
Capped Bust Dime, Large Denticles, 1809-1828No Coin Allocated3.045
Capped Bust Dime, Small Denticles, 1828-1837No Coin Allocated3.046
Seated Liberty Dime, No Stars, 1837-1838No Coin Allocated3.047
Seated Liberty Dime, No Drapery, 1838-1840No Coin Allocated2.048
Seated Liberty Dime, Drapery, 1840-1860No Coin Allocated2.049
Seated Liberty Dime, Arrows, 1853-1855No Coin Allocated2.050
Seated Liberty Dime, Legend, 1860-1891No Coin Allocated2.051
Seated Liberty Dime, Arrows, 1873-1874No Coin Allocated2.052
Barber DimeNo Coin Allocated1.053
Mercury DimeNo Coin Allocated1.054
Roosevelt DimeNo Coin Allocated1.055
Twenty-Cent PieceNo Coin Allocated3.056
Draped Bust Quarter, Small Eagle, 1796No Coin Allocated8.057
Draped Bust Quarter, Large Eagle, 1804-1807No Coin Allocated5.058
Capped Bust Quarter, Large Size, 1815-1828No Coin Allocated4.059
Capped Bust Quarter, Small Size, 1831-1838No Coin Allocated4.060
Seated Liberty Quarter, No Drapery, 1838-1840No Coin Allocated4.061
Seated Liberty Quarter, No Motto, 1840-1865No Coin Allocated2.062
Seated Liberty Quarter, Arrows and Rays, 1853No Coin Allocated3.063
Seated Liberty Quarter, No Motto, 1854-1855No Coin Allocated2.064
Seated Liberty Quarter, With Motto, 1866-1891No Coin Allocated2.065
Seated Liberty Quarter, Motto and Arrows, 1873-1874No Coin Allocated3.066
Barber QuarterNo Coin Allocated2.067
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 1, 1916-1917No Coin Allocated2.068
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 2, 1917-1930No Coin Allocated1.069
Washington Quarter, 1932-1964No Coin Allocated1.070
Flowing Hair Half DollarNo Coin Allocated7.071
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Small Eagle, 1796-1797No Coin Allocated9.072
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Large Eagle, 1801-1807No Coin Allocated5.073
450primary imageCapped Bust Half Dollar, Half Dollar, 1838-18391839-O Capped Bust Half Dollar Reeded Edge PCGS VF-25VF-25420435783.0PCGS1839Capped Bust Half Dollar50cOUnited StatesReeded Edge0174
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge, 1807-1836No Coin Allocated3.075
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Reeded Edge , 1836-1837No Coin Allocated3.076
Seated Liberty Half Dollar, No drapery, 1839No Coin Allocated5.077
765primary imageSeated Liberty Half Dollar, No Motto, 1839-19661839 Seated Liberty Half Dollar Drapery PCGS AU-50 (CAC Green)AU-50267815122.0PCGSCAC1839Seated Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited StatesDrapery0178
Seated Liberty Half Dollar, No Arrows and Rays, 1853No Coin Allocated3.079
Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Arrows, 1854-1855No Coin Allocated3.080
Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Motto, 1866-1891No Coin Allocated2.081
Seated Liberty Half Dollar, Arrows, 1873-74No Coin Allocated3.082
Barber Half DollarNo Coin Allocated2.083
Walking Liberty Half DollarNo Coin Allocated1.084
Franklin Half DollarNo Coin Allocated1.085
Kennedy Half DollarNo Coin Allocated1.086
Flowing Hair Silver DollarNo Coin Allocated8.087
Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Small Eagle, 1795-1798No Coin Allocated7.088
Draped Bust Silver Dollar, Large Eagle, 1798-1804No Coin Allocated6.089
Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, No Motto 1840-1865No Coin Allocated4.090
Seated Liberty Silver Dollar, Motto 1866-1873No Coin Allocated4.091
Trade Silver DollarNo Coin Allocated3.092
826primary imageMorgan Silver Dollar1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-67 (CAC Green)MS-67380303921.0PCGSCAC1881Morgan Silver Dollar$1 SUnited States0193
Peace Silver Dollar, High Relief, 1921No Coin Allocated2.094
Peace Silver Dollar, Low Relief, 1922-1935No Coin Allocated1.095