1948SFranklin avatar 1948SFranklin > Sets > Grading Set, 1-70 with Plus Grades, 44 coins

Set Name
1948SFranklin's Grading Set
U.S. Coins > Showcase & Custom Sets
Set Completion
17 / 44
Missing Items
PO-11794 Liberty Cap Cent Head of 1794 PCGS Genuine VG DetailsVG Details326072641.0PCGS1794Liberty Cap Cent1cUnited StatesBNHead of 1794010
FR-21800 Draped Bust Cent PCGS Genuine Good DetailsGood Details455006071.0PCGS1800Draped Bust Cent1cUnited StatesBN011
primary imageAG-31800/79 Draped Bust Cent 2nd Hair Style PCGS Genuine AG DetailsAG Details458368591.0PCGS1800/79Draped Bust Cent1cUnited StatesBN2nd Hair Style012
G-41826 Matron Cent PCGS Genuine Good DetailsGood Details460543811.0PCGS1826Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBN013
G-61808 Draped Bust Half Cent PCGS Genuine242915871.0PCGS1808Draped Bust Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN014
VG-81841 Braided Hair Cent PCGS VG-8 BNVG-8 BN458059801.0PCGS1841Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN015
VG-101803 Draped Bust Half Cent PCGS Genuine VG DetailsVG Details460519011.0PCGS1803Draped Bust Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN016
F-121806 Draped Bust Half Cent Small 6, No Stems PCGS Genuine Fine DetailsFine Details458512691.0PCGS1806Draped Bust Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBNSmall 6, No Stems017
primary imageF-151817 Matron Cent 13 Stars PCGS Genuine Fine DetailsFine Details468728301.0PCGS1817Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBN13 Stars018
VF-201844 Braided Hair Cent PCGS Genuine VF DetailsVF Details469799551.0PCGS1844Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN019
primary imageVF-251846 Braided Hair Cent Small Date PCGS Genuine VF DetailsVF Details457483891.0PCGS1846Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBNSmall Date0110
VF-301848 Braided Hair Cent PCGS Genuine VF DetailsVF Details450964541.0PCGS1848Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN0111
primary imageVF-351855 Braided Hair Cent Upright 55 NGC VF DetailsVF Details 6505401-0011.0NGC1855Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBNUpright 550112
XF-401830 Matron Cent Large Letters PCGS Genuine XF DetailsXF Details458059691.0PCGS1830Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBNLarge Letters0113
primary imageXF-451844 Braided Hair Cent NGC XF DetailsXF Details 5858960-0191.0NGC1844Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN0114
primary imageXF-45+1852 Braided Hair Cent NGC XF DetailsXF Details 6521847-0131.0NGC1852Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN0115
AU-501835 Classic Half Cent PCGS Genuine AU DetailsAU Details296272851.0PCGS1835Classic Half Cent1/2cUnited StatesBN0116
primary imageAU-50+1854 Braided Hair Cent NGC AU DetailsAU Details 6368961-0061.0NGC1854Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBN0117
primary imageAU-531853 Braided Hair Cent Newcomb 20 PCGS Genuine AU DetailsAU Details470997151.0PCGS1853Braided Hair Cent1cUnited StatesBNNewcomb 200118
primary imageAU-53+1838 Matron Cent PCGS Genuine AU DetailsAU Details465311961.0PCGS1838Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBN0119
AU-551831 Matron Cent Medium Letters PCGS Genuine AU DetailsAU Details478107321.0PCGS1831Matron Cent1cUnited StatesBNMedium Letters0120
AU-55+No Coin Allocated1.021
AU-58No Coin Allocated1.022
AU-58+No Coin Allocated1.023
MS-60No Coin Allocated1.024
MS-60+No Coin Allocated1.025
MS-61No Coin Allocated1.026
MS-61+No Coin Allocated1.027
MS-62No Coin Allocated1.028
MS-62+No Coin Allocated1.029
MS-63No Coin Allocated1.030
MS-63+No Coin Allocated1.031
MS-64No Coin Allocated1.032
MS-64+No Coin Allocated1.033
MS-652021-P Christa McAuliffe Silver Dollar NGC Proof-BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED UCProof-BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED UC3081682-0791.0NGC2021Christa McAuliffe Silver DollarPUnited StatesDCAM0134
primary imageMS-65+2018-S Innovation Dollar Washington Signed 1st Patent NGC Proof-GEM PROOF UCProof-GEM PROOF UC4875667-1541.0NGC2018Innovation Dollar$1 SUnited StatesDCAMWashington Signed 1st Patent0135
MS-662007-D Presidential Dollar George Washington Position B First Day of Issue NGC MS-66MS-661565443-1121.0NGC2007Presidential Dollar$1 DUnited StatesGeorge Washington Position B First Day of Issue0136
MS-66+2007-P Presidential Dollar George Washington First Day of Issue NGC MS-66MS-661565310-0411.0NGC2007Presidential Dollar$1 PUnited StatesGeorge Washington First Day of Issue0137
MS-67No Coin Allocated1.038
MS-67+No Coin Allocated1.039
MS-68No Coin Allocated1.040
MS-68+No Coin Allocated1.041
primary imageMS-692019-S Innovation Dollar New Jersey Light Bulb NGC Proof-69 UCProof-69 UC5831011-1141.0NGC2019Innovation Dollar$1 SUnited StatesDCAMNew Jersey Light Bulb0142
primary imageMS-702022-S $1 Silver Eagle First Strike NGC Proof-70 UCProof-70 UC6578753-0251.0NGC2022$1 Silver Eagle$1 SUnited StatesDCAMFirst Strike0143