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1899 Mint Set With Gold
Member Sets: 12 | Required Coins: 22
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Mountain avatarMountainMountain's 1899 Mint Set68.1857.53public0
Longacre59 avatarLongacre59JKM’s 1899 Mint Set w/Gold40.9161.89public1
GregsCoins avatarGregsCoinsGregsCoins's 1899 Mint Set18.1865.25public2
MyBuddy avatarMyBuddyMyBuddy's 1899 Mint Set13.6463.33public3
TwinLakesCoins avatarTwinLakesCoinsTwinLakesCoins's 1899 Mint Set13.6462.67public4
TRMorgans avatarTRMorgansTRMorgans's 1899 Mint Set9.0966.50public5
Glade avatarGladeGlade's 1899 Mint Set9.0940.50public6
abpoe avatarAbpoeAbpoe's 1899 Mint Set4.5566.00public7
woody avatarWoodyWoody's 1899 Mint Set4.5563.00public8
dotson avatarDotsonDotson's 1899 Mint Set4.5563.00public9