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1873 Mint Set with Gold
Member Sets: 8 | Required Coins: 37
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1873collection avatar1873collection1873collection's 1873 Mint Set81.0859.63public0
Mountain avatarMountainMountain's 1873 Mint Set37.8451.18public1
Precious.time.and.metals avatarPrecious.time.and.metalsPrecious.time.and.metals's 1873 Mint Set10.8160.25public2
GregsCoins avatarGregsCoinsGregsCoins's 1873 Mint Set8.1158.17public3
epc avatarEpcEpc's 1873 Mint Set5.4166.50public4
abpoe avatarAbpoeAbpoe's 1873 Mint Set2.7064.00public5
woody avatarWoodyWoody's 1873 Mint Set2.7040.00public6