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Lincoln Cent Union Shield Basic Set, Proof 2010-Present
Member Sets: 7 | Required Coins: 17
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woody avatarWoody1Woody's Lincoln Cents Preservation of the Union Shield Basic Set Proof (2010-present)100.0070.0014994public0
Mountain avatarMountain2Mountain's Lincoln Cents Set88.2470.0013230public1
arkjones avatarArkjones3Arkjones's Lincoln Cents Set23.5369.003424public2
ClintonUSCoinNews avatarClintonUSCoinNews4USCoinNews - Lincoln Cent Union Shield Basic Set Proofs23.5369.003208public3
abpoe avatarAbpoe5Abpoe's Lincoln Cents Set5.8870.00882public4
Camfamt124 avatarCamfamt1246Camfamt124's Lincoln Cents Set5.8870.00827public5
crispy_mofo avatarCrispy_mofo7Crispy_mofo's Lincoln Cents Set5.8869.00802public6