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Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Proof 1950-1958
Member Sets: 8 | Required Coins: 9
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Vickie avatarVickieVickie's Lincoln's Fifty’s Set100.0067.44public0
Tsevni2 avatarTsevni2JCR’s Lincoln Proofs. The last of the Wheaties100.0067.33public1
AndyK avatarAndyK50's proof lincoln100.0067.22public2
Mountain avatarMountainMountain's Lincoln Cents Set100.0067.11public3
Kit avatarKitHonest Abe is proof 100.0066.33public4
randyv21 avatarRandyv21Randyv21's Lincoln Cents Proof Set100.0065.78public5
DoctorBurnzy avatarDoctorBurnzyDoctorBurnzy's Lincoln Cents Set66.6764.50public6
crispy_mofo avatarCrispy_mofoCrispy_mofo's Lincoln Cents Set11.1167.00public7