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Lincoln Memorial Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes 1959-2008
Member Sets: 6 | Required Coins: 104
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Mountain avatarMountainMountain's Lincoln Cents Set98.0867.28public0
MeantToBeSpent avatarMeantToBeSpentMeant to be Spent95.1967.43public1
arkjones avatarArkjonesArkjones's Lincoln Cents Set22.1265.65public2
crispy_mofo avatarCrispy_mofoCrispy_mofo's Lincoln Cents Set10.5865.82public3
Stooge avatarStoogeStooge's Lincoln Cents Set4.8168.20public4
Peppermint07 avatarPeppermint07Peppermint07's Lincoln Cents Set0.9666.00public5