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Set Name
Jcemet123's Box of Twenty Set
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Set Completion
0 / 20
Missing Items
primary imageCoin #11940 Mercury Dime PCGS MS-67+MS-67+357483531.0PCGS1940Mercury Dime10cUnited States010
primary imageCoin #21952 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS Proof-67Proof-67350296421.0PCGS1952Franklin Half Dollar50cUnited States011
primary imageCoin #31862 Indian Cent PCGS MS-66MS-66370007021.0PCGS1862Indian Cent1cUnited States012
primary imageCoin #41909 Lincoln Cent V.D.B. PCGS MS-66 RBMS-66 RB840406941.0PCGS1909Lincoln Cent1cUnited StatesRBV.D.B.013
primary imageCoin #51873 Nickel Three-Cent Piece PCGS Proof-66Proof-66351107581.0PCGS1873Nickel Three-Cent Piece3cnUnited States014
primary imageCoin #61913-D Buffalo Nickel Type 1 PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66358406621.0PCGSCAC1913Buffalo Nickel5cDUnited StatesType 1015
primary imageCoin #71862 Seated Liberty Half Dime PCGS MS-66MS-66810497301.0PCGS1862Seated Liberty Half DimeH10cUnited States016
Coin #81892 Barber Dime PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66847302381.0PCGSCAC1892Barber Dime10cUnited States017
Coin #91954 Roosevelt Dime PCGS MS-66MS-66104853261.0PCGS1954Roosevelt Dime10cUnited States018
primary imageCoin #101892 Barber Quarter PCGS MS-66MS-66382372751.0PCGS1892Barber Quarter25cUnited States019
primary imageCoin #111892 Barber Half Dollar PCGS MS-66MS-66355290851.0PCGS1892Barber Half Dollar50cUnited States0110
Coin #121942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar PCGS Proof-66 (CAC Green)Proof-66373762631.0PCGSCAC1942Walking Liberty Half Dollar50cUnited States0111
Coin #131879-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66067509001.0PCGSCAC1879Morgan Silver Dollar$1 SUnited States0112
primary imageCoin #141891 Seated Liberty Quarter PCGS Proof-66 CAMEO (CAC Green)Proof-66 CAMEO837445191.0PCGSCAC1891Seated Liberty Quarter25cUnited StatesCAMEO0113
primary imageCoin #151944-D Jefferson Nickel PCGS MS-66 FSMS-66 FS218570301.0PCGS1944Jefferson Nickel5cDUnited StatesFS0114
Coin #161873 California Fractional Gold 25c BG-727 PCGS MS-66MS-66282437151.0PCGS1873California Fractional Gold25cUnited States25c BG-7270115
primary imageCoin #171901-S Liberty Gold Half Eagle PCGS MS-66MS-66441091451.0PCGS1901Liberty Gold Half Eagle$5 SUnited States0116
Coin #181924 Peace Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66MS-66819436951.0PCGS1924Peace Silver Dollar$1 United States0117
primary imageCoin #191883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66 PLMS-66 PL347814461.0PCGS1883Morgan Silver Dollar$1 CCUnited StatesPL0118
Coin #201885-O Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS-66 (CAC Green)MS-66066745631.0PCGSCAC1885Morgan Silver Dollar$1 OUnited States0119